Sunday, October 08, 2006

So, how many LSU Tigers does it take to tackle a freshman quarterback? 5, apparently if that quarterback is 6'-5" 250 lbs named Tim Tebow. Right now, UF needs to just put him in the backfield as the half-back and hand the ball to him ... often. He totally flips the game when he goes in.

UF moves up to #2 in one of the polls and #3 in the other. I think that's about right. People may complain that we should be higher, but all will sort itself out if UF mauls Auburn and Georgia in the next 3 weeks.

I still can't believe that WVU is ranked so high and even got 2 votes for #1!!! Who are those two idiots? Sure, they're 5-0, but they still haven't played a conference game. Plus, their conference is the Big (L)east. There's only one team on their schedule worth a flip and that's Louisville. They're all proud about their most recent win -- against an SEC team. "See, we're good. We even beat an SEC team." Well, if you look more closely, you see that it was Miss St. Woeful Miss State. Now, if WVU can beat UGA, UT, AU, LSU and UF, THEN and only then, do they deserve a first place vote. (photo from